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İsimJurassic Craft Mod APK
Sürüm1.35 (36)
Güncellendi16 Nis 2021
GeliştiriciCandly Craft Mobile
Yükleme sayısı100+
KategoriUygulamalar, Eğlence

Jurassic Craft Mod uygulaması

Jurassic Craft, 19 farklı dinozor içeren inanılmaz bir eklentidir.

Jurassic Craft is an incredible add-on that includes 19 different dinosaurs in one pack. Each of them includes a unique set of behaviors. For example, some of them can be tamed and rolled, while others need to be extra careful as their aggressive behavior will cause them to kill and eat you.

- Velociraptors
Predators (or formally known as Velociraptors) are formidable dinosaurs that play an important role in the Jurassic universe.

General features
Replaces rabbits (7 different colors) (detection chance)
The tamed ones guard their master
Carnivore, attacks other dinosaurs and mobs
To tame a predator, you need any meat. Only small ones can be tamed. Once tamed, you can feed them more meat to speed up their growth.
A tamed predator will always follow its master and try to protect you from any harm, for example, from hostile monsters.
A predatory calf transforms into an adult in 30 minutes. You can feed him any meat to speed up the process.

- Carnotaurus
Carnotaurus is a large and vicious dinosaur, hostile to everything that moves, including everything from mobs to players. However, if you find a baby carnotaurus, you can befriend it with a little meat, and as a result, it will protect you from hostile threats and even allow you to ride it.

General features
A tamed and adult carnotaur will protect its master and you will be able to ride it as well.
Wilds are hostile towards other mobs and players.

- Indoraptor
Indoraptor is considered to be the perfect hybrid of two incredibly dangerous creatures. Feed the genes of the indoraptor (buckets of milk) to a common predator to transform it into a ferocious indoraptor.

General features
Health: 100 hearts
Hostile - attacks all mobs
Impossible to tame, grow or breed

- Tyrannosaurus
It is believed that Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest carnivores of the time.

General features
Carnivore, attacks other dinosaurs and other creatures
You can only tame babies. If you ever face a big enemy, get ready to run, or at least get ready to fight.
It takes a long time for a child to become an adult. If one is not tempted by your meat, it simply means that you cannot tame it and you need to find another.
A tamed Tyrannosaurus will follow you everywhere, as well as protect you from most of the evils you face. You can also use it for horse riding.

Wild Tyrannosaurus is one of the most dangerous mobs you can come across. He loves the taste of human meat and eats any other mobs or animals.

Venichles Mod
Transport is also added in this application.
Quite an interesting mod that will allow you to quickly cover long distances. Or ride around the city.
Venichles mod controls 4 motorcycles and 2 jeeps which you can ride to transport other players and store things.

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