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10 Nis 2019
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In this interactive multi-tiered open world, equip various ninja/melee weapons to assassinate your enemies fast and clean. You can jump on walls, back and forth between buildings, and leverage the interactive landscape around you to set up traps and ambush your target.
Battle royale reimagined! In this top-down sandbox arena game, you will experience intense battles and excitement like never before.

【Attack from the sky!】
Interact with the complex environment around you–make use of buildings, tress, wooden boxes or giant rocks to your advantage by climbing and jumping around freely. Wait for the perfect time, and make a surprise deadly attack on your enemy from the sky!

【Strike from the shadow!】
Every corner of this interactive map may hide a potential hunter so be careful wherever you move! Find your perfect hiding spot and lure your enemies in with clever traps and brilliant disguise. When your prey comes, attack fast!

【Mount and blade !】
Rush on the horse right to the enemy, wield your weapon and make a deadly strike! Grab the chance in a wink in the face-to-face battle!

【Fight for alliance!】
Alliance war is about to start! Fight for alliance! Fight for honor! The performance of everyone in the guild is able to change the outcome of the war.

【Make your own combo!】
Choose from a variety of “cold weapons” such as knives, swords and axes that each comes with a unique set of skills. Strategize with limitless combos to out-smart your enemies.

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