Kitty Cat Resort: Idle Cat-Raising Game APK

Kitty Cat Resort: Idle Cat-Raising Game


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İsimNyanNyan Resort APK, Kitty Cat Resort APK
Sürüm1.38.0 (304)
Güncellendi19 Oca 2022
Yükleme sayısı500.000+
KategoriOyunlar, Klasik

Kitty Cat Resort: Idle Cat-Raising Game oyunu

Gelin bir kedi adasını ziyaret edin ve sadece onlara bakarak kendinizi iyi hissedin!

Just the sight of these cats will make you smile!

Hey there, future cat sitters! Do you want to build a resort for cats?

It's time to stop being a mere human can opener! Now you can build your own special island for cats.
Watch your cats enjoy the purrfect resort you've built, decked out with all sorts of goodies including beach beds for cats, play areas with floaties, fishing spots, and yoga facilities!

Now repeat after me!

"I have cats too!"

Game Features
◎ Build resort facilities by spending income that rolls in automatically!
◎ Watch the heart-meltingly adorable cats enjoy the resort life!
◎ Dress the cats up in ridiculously cute costumes that defy the limits of reality!

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