MALLO - FREE smartphone PTT APK

MALLO - FREE smartphone PTT


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MALLO - FREE smartphone PTT uygulaması

Let's MALLO!

Let's MALLO!

Don't text! Don't make calls!
Enjoy talking in groups real-time in a walkie-talkie fashion!
MALLO is a free-of-charge, real-time PTT(Push-To-Talk) app that can be used easily on a smartphone for talking one-to-one or in groups.

► A 100% FREE smartphone walkie-talkie for anyone
Try MALLO with your family and friends. MALLO can be used freely in companies or clubs without any licenses.

► Contact-based auto-friending
If your contacts in your mobile device register on MALLO!, they'll be automatically added to your friends list, without any need to send and accept friend requests. You can talk to them quickly and easily, as if you are making phone calls.

► One-to-one and group talk: Don't bother dialing numbers any more!
Without having to dial numbers every time, you can start a group talk instantly.
MALLO is especially useful for communicating with multiple friends at the same time.

► Open Talk : Share the link to Open Talk!
Users can participate in Talkroom through shared Talkroom link.

► Groups: perfect online space for talking with friends/colleagues/staff
Once a group is created, the group head or an administrator can upload their offline group contacts data at Mallo website.
Users included in the uploaded data are automatically signed up for the group to talk directly to other group members or post to the group dashboard.

► Sync with various Wired/Wireless Devices
Talk hands-free by using MALLO with diverse accessories including Earphone, Bluetooth headsets, CODA button, etc. This way, you can talk without having to look at or make any operations on your smartphone.

► Background audio
Receive voice messages real-time while other apps are running or the phone screen is off.

► Simple user interface for talking: Just a single touch and you can talk!
MALLO provides a simple user interface for convenient, safe talk experience with minimum need for manual operation

Main features of MALLO includes:
• walkie-talkie mode
• high-quality voice chat through real-time streaming
• background audio
• large-scale group talk
• available on both Wi-Fi and Data Network
• voice chat history
• push notifications
• selective voice reception by turning each talk room on/off
• simple user interface for talking

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