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14 Ağu 2023
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Getting paid real money for helping us improve worldwide communication? By doing nothing? With McMoney, you can. All you have to do is receive text messages on your mobile phone once in a while.

By letting us send text messages to your phone, you allow us to test and improve mobile operations. Simply said, you help us help mobile operators to work together. And not unimportant, each message you receive, adds more money to your McMoney bank. Real money.

- Don’t want to receive messages for a while? Just disable the McMoney app for a while in the settings.
- You may delete the text as soon as you’ve received it. No need to store it.
- The messages do not contain any meaningful texts but only some random characters that you can ignore.

McMoney is an initiative of CM Telecom, an international company creating security products. Since secure messaging is our core business, we have made McMoney extremely safe and secure for you to use. Your personal data is handled according to strict privacy rules.



Why do you want to send me test SMS messages?
McMoney is part of an application that uses SMS messages in order to detect SMS delivery fraud in global telecommunications.

What is SMS delivery fraud and how does it affect me?
When sending an SMS message, it sometimes doesn’t arrive at its destination. This might be caused by fraudulent parties in the SMS network. With the data from your McMoney SMS, we help the telecom industry detect and eliminate these bad connections.

How do I earn money?
All you need to do in order to start receiving money is to install the McMoney app and verify your phone number. Once you start receiving the test messages, you don`t need to take any further action. Just keep the app on your device and check how much money you’ve earned from time to time.

What do I need to do when I receive a text message?
You will automatically receive test messages. There is no need to take any further action. You can just simply ignore the messages.

Can I delete the received messages?
Yes, you can delete the test messages right away if you want.

Why are there signs/numbers/special characters in the text?
Special characters are in the text messages so we can test if your mobile operator is transferring the message content properly.

I have the app installed but I don`t receive any messages. What’s wrong?
The messages are sent based on the needs of the testing systems. Once the system initiates a test query, it will send out messages to your mobile device if you have internet connection.

Certain devices like Huawei, block services of certain apps like McMoney in an power profile to save power. When McMoney is blocked, you will not be able to receive messages.

On most devices you can find the power profile by going to System Settings, Advanced Settings, Battery Manager and select Protected Apps selection. 


Why do you need to verify my phone number?
In order to connect your phone number to the McMoney app, we need to verify your phone number. This is because the amount of money you earn is related to the amount of messages we send to your mobile device.

I installed the app but I didn`t receive the verification code. How can I get my code?
In case you didn`t receive the verification code, we suggest to check if the phone number you entered is correct. Also, make sure the format of the number is in the right order without the “0” (ex. +31 63 111 222).

If the number and the format are correct but you still didn`t receive the verification code, please contact our support team so we can assist you in the onboarding process.