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İsimRelic Rumble APK
Sürüm1.6.261 (106261)
Güncellendi03 Ara 2021
GeliştiriciYOTTA GAMES
Yükleme sayısı50.000+
KategoriOyunlar, Klasik

Relic Rumble oyunu

Gizem Müzesi'nde koleksiyon aniden dirildi! Tarihteki en güçlü güvenliği enkarne edin, canavarlarla savaşmak için süper havalı olun ve düzeni koruyun!

The Stunning Burglar comes to the museum for the ruby held by T-Rex Skeleton’s eye socket, the crown jewel of all collections. He skillfully diverts the janitor away and enters the forbidden area effortlessly by masquerading as the janitor. When he is only one step away from getting the ruby, the Stunning Burglar notices the presence of other mysterious things in the museum...

In the dead of night, relics originating from different time and space suspiciously come back to life!
Ruthless pharaoh, bloody beheaded knight, ferocious prehistoric beasts... Stealing these priceless Relics is an unthinkable task.

The ornate Pavilions is occupied by the awakened Relics. To get the treasures, you must hide your true identity of Stunning Burglar and uncover the pavilion’s secrets. Use your special flashlight to explore numerous different Pavilions in this arcane museum, bring the restless Relics under control and put them back to sleep!

Key Features:
1. Novice Friendly:
You can literally slay monsters and explore wonderous worlds with a single hand in this game! Drag the controls on the screen to move your character.
2. Classic Rougelike Gameplay:
Explore mind blowing arcane Pavilions and (random rooms). Challenge all sorts of minions and bosses!
3. Revel in defeating monsters and leveling up your hero:
Create dominating combinations of randomly dropped skills. Bury your enemies in an avalanche of power!
4. Collect hundreds of Relics, (upgrade weapons of all sorts) and stack up powerful buffs:
Enhance your flashlight to uncover the secrets of the museum. Arm yourself with powerful Light orbs to drive out the darkness!
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