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Sürüm1.0.0 (2)
GeliştiriciWeslope Galaxies
Yükleme sayısı10+
KategoriUygulamalar, İş

Rent Cloud uygulaması

R-Cloud ile kiracılar, roket fırlatma gibi sorunsuz bir şekilde kira ödeyebilirler.

Paying rent online with m-pesa is now possible with Rent Cloud! You can pay your house rent or commercial rent with your m-pesa!

Rent Cloud is a product by Weslope. This app was built with the aim to make online rent payments with m-pesa a hassle-free process that is also secure. Our payment gateway is 100% secure and PCI compliant. Each transaction is encrypted, and no financial information is stored.
Online rent payment through m-pesa and e-wallets is more convenient for most tenants and owners, it makes the payment process transparent and more efficient. Now, you can make your rent payment from anywhere at any time, there is no fear of missing payments or forgetting payments, especially when you can make the payment with the touch of a button.
Not only for rent payment, now you can use the Rent Pay to pay your society maintenance bills too along with the token bill, water bill, deposit amount and this applies to both, residential and commercial property.

Is Rent Cloud safe?
RentCloud is a trusted and safe way to pay rent online by using your m-pesa . All transactions are 100% secure and encrypted, none of your financial information is saved. You never have to worry about the security while paying your rent online through Rent Cloud.

Paying your rent online with m-pesa is safe as you don’t have to worry about breaking the lock down to make rent payments. You can make this payment from the comfort and safety of your home, reducing the risks involved; for you and your landlord.

What if I don’t have a m-pesa a/c to pay my rent online?

If you need to make your rent payment online, but don’t have a m-pesa a/c, you can still use Rent Cloud. With this app, you can even pay your rent by linking and using your bank or e-wallet.

Is the app only for rent payment or can I do more?

You can now use Rent-Cloud to pay your rent, token amount, water amount, and even deposit amount for your house or commercial property. Soon, you can even use the app to pay your children’s school fees!

How soon does my landlord get the payment if I pay the rent now?

All payments are processed as soon as possible. Maximum it would take up to 2 working days for the payment to reflect in your landlord’s bank account and statements

Does my landlord also need to use the app to receive the payment?

No, your landlord does not need to be registered on the Rent-Cloud app to receive the rent you have paid. A confirmation SMS is sent to both you and your landlord when the rent is paid successfully.

All you need to do is provide the right bank information and account details of your landlord.

How will I get the rent receipts?
It's really simple. Every time you pay rent with m-pesa or pay rent online With Rent-Cloud, you automatically get the receipt in your registered email ID and SMS is sent to your registered phone. Making it the most easiest & convenient way to pay the rent.