Smart WiFi - WiFi Security, WiFi Map, Search WiFi APK

Smart WiFi - WiFi Security, WiFi Map, Search WiFi

Daha Güvenliği, daha WiFi arama, daha iyi dünya çapında WiFi haritası. Tamamen bedava.


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12 Nis 2021
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Smart WiFi - WiFi Security, WiFi Map, Search WiFi uygulaması

Hacking information through Public Wifi is becoming a commonplace in this era of modern technology. Smart WiFi is a professional tool that focuses on WiFi security and connection, along with a WiFi Map so that you can safely and securely search WiFi nearby & worldwide.

DISCLAIMER: The Smart WiFi app is first and foremost a tool to help you improve your WiFi security and search WiFi hotspots as-is and does not guarantee you will find WiFi in your location and be able to connect to WiFi you find. Nor can we guarantee your security. You should NOT rely on Smart WiFi to protect you from loss or harm. You should provide for your own security by taking appropriate safety measures when online.

We provide:

Wifi security
A secure WiFi network environment for users is created through professional ARP, DNS and SSL security tests for WiFi, which helps you to stay connected more safe and secure.

Phishing site detection
We are able to detect most of the internet phishing risks and alert users if the connected network is dangerous for online shopping, account login and email sending, etc.

IP Security detection
The security module we have detects if the WiFi connected has the potential risk of being hijacked, and notifies the user if the connection is at risk of being hacked.

SSL Security detection
This function enables the app to also detect if the WiFi connected has the risk of an SSL scam. This will notify the users if there are any leaks of device information when connected to Wifi.

We also have:

WiFi Search
Through the smart and organized Wifi list, we provide you with safe and convenient ways to search and connect to Wifi.

Wifi Map
Smart WiFi map shows the user WiFi within a distance of 2 kilometers, making WiFi searching easier.
You can drag the map around to see if there are WiFi hotspots in different parts of the world.

We know that personal information is highly important to each individual, and staying connected to internet is just as important. Have the best of both worlds by downloading SmartWifi today!

About privacy
Smart WiFi protects the privacy of users strictly and we do not collect privacy information of users. We may access users’ GPS location authorization and related information to help users look for WiFi in their current location. For more privacy policies please refer to this link: