Fun with realistic effect of snake in phone,joke,prank,funny,free,python,friend.


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10 Eki 2017
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Snake On Screen - Snake Screen APP

Best Scary & Smooth Snake prank on real device Ever.

Prank your friends and family by real effect snake on phone screen.

Touring snake on your Android device. The real effects are used.

Snake screens for phones and tablets
Application download and print the screen

The Aplication will display very realistic animation of snake (Python) on the screen of your phone.

Fluent movement and high quality of graphics can make anybody pranked that a real animal is moving on the screen of his phone.

Snake on phone screen to prank your friends, Add snakes to your photos to become shiva the Hindu Deity, Have snakes on nice backgrounds like Desert background.

You can play game, watch film, browse the Internet and the slithery reptile will always be visible. Movement of this footless vertebrate was generated on the basis of a real film showing a snake moving in it's natural environment.
How can you scare or prank your friends?
1. Install a free snake on your phone.
2. Enable Snake on Screen

Best Realistic effect on phone.

Steps to use the app:
-Tap to start the app
-Enable Window Overlay service if it is not enabled.
-Enable "Mouse On The Screen" toggle bar.
-Maintain Speed of the Mouse.

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