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Sunka GAME

Sunka (or known as Sungka) is a fun and friendly game from the Philippines. Coming from a family line of board games called Mancala in the Asian countries, this is a Philippines' adaptation of it and is a game that can be enjoyed between friends and families.

In this game, you can outwit your opponent by fainting vulnerable exposures on your side of the tray, stealing all gems from an opponent's pots and craftily ensuring extra turns for yourself. The game's main aim is to take hold of the most gem stones on the board, and place them to your store (big hole to your right).

This game project takes a certain interpreted design for the game - taking place in a rain forest and playing with gem stones. It has a very special characteristic opposed to the traditional Sunka game, whilst also maintaining most of the game features on board. We believe that this design will greatly enhance your experience with the game, whilst also boosting the fun and entertainment value of which the game can offer.

- Single player AI support, ranging difficulties from easy to hard
- Very hard to beat hard AI, recommended for professional Sunka players trying to learn how to make the near-perfect move at the near-perfect time
- Local and online multiplayer support
- Interactive UI graphics
- Visual aid with both numbering and highlighting the moves that you could make
- Specialized thematic game design
- Smooth animated movements of gems in the game
- Customizable settings and features
- High scores recording both the player's history and a player's record statistics (when given the same name)
- Compatible with ALL, if not most, android screen resolutions and screen ratios

Please note that the original Sunka game allows both players to simultaneously make their first move. This is not possible with a computer, and much less likely for an AI player since the AI will always win.

We have therefore taken the approach of allowing the selection of taking either the first or second turn for a single player game, and implemented a 'first-come-first-serve' basis for multiplayer games (in which acts similar to simultaneous moves to who goes the fastest).

Q: How do you play multiplayer online?
A: Both you and the opponent must both have the same game on your respective android devices. You both must also connect to the same router, of which is used to forward the local ip address and port number so that it can be used by the joining peer.

This game is made for a university project. We are very glad to announce that this game has received high remarks as our very first release to the public! We hope that you will find this game as entertaining as we do, and have fun!

To learn about the rules of Sunka, go to:

For some historical insights into the game itself, go to:


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