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31 Ağu 2020
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👦 Ladies and gentlemen a new Super Applock is coming! 😆😄

★ Super AppLock Pro is a free app that locks your privacy. It can lock apps, photos, videos and other private data with password lock or pattern,It can be one of the best appLock master.

app lock is the best app for all type security Lock. phone lock app with safty guard and app locker app. app lock free in side all option avilable and all app private lock.

Android app lock is an applocker and app protector.

★Protect Privacy:- This free AppLock. can lock your photos message, gallery and social apps from others All the privacy guard functions for you to ensure your phone can be safe!A safe app blocker.
★ Phone Cleaner -Free up Space:- App lock will remove junk files, watched videos, obsolete audios, and useless pictures with your permission. App lock helps free up your phone space immediately.

Lock settings:- lock system settings, install/uninstall apps to keep phone away from being messed up by others or kids.

SMART AppLock:- can hide photos, audios and videos. Hidden pictures/videos are removed from Gallery and only visible in the respective vault. Protect your privacy with pin, password and pattern lock.


Parents can't check Facebook, Whats app, TikTock without your permission.
Friends can't play games and use free data.
Nobody can read private data in your apps.
Nobody can look your gallery and steal contacts.
Lock any of the apps on your phone.

► I forgot my password, how to retrieve it?
When you setup the password/pattern the first time, AppLock will ask you to setup a Password Retrieve method: "Security Question".
To retrieve password, tap the "Forgot?" button to show Retrieve Password panel.

SMART AppLock is a Safe and Secure Smart android application locker, which protects your apps, hide and encrypt photos, videos or other files with the help of vault system, safer lock screen and PIN.

★ Install Application Pattern lock today, and forget your privacy violation :)

Thank you for downloading Smart Applock App your suggestions or problems are always welcomed