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28 Kas 2017
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Superhero Sniper Shooter - Hero Forces GAME

Get ready to perform a 3D sniper hero forces 2017 critical ops mission in this action filled endless fighting game and play as a superhero sniper shooter to take down the high value targets with your crises action fighting until the last villain standing. Go behind the gangster slots and perform the sniper mission as incredible mountain sniper hero. Shoot and crushed enemy soldiers and their special agents with your stealth assassination before they create even more mess in final battle. Since the war has started, the gangster assault army has destroyed half of your army sniper ops soldiers at the battle zone, it's time to take revenge of their vicious stealth killing. Play as a elite sniper silent killer and show your mountain sniper shooting abilities in the crises action against the deadly criminals. Terrorists have come out of their hide outs and started harassing and slaying people in this fatal battle. Make them the sniper target in this crime city sniper game. It's time for you to play your part as superhero sniper shooter to end the war and bring back the peace of the spider world. Play as a special agent and perform different critical operations with special operation forces. You have been trained with the hero forces as the best army sniper shooter so use the environment in your favor and kill as many terrorists as you can in this agent survival endless fighting game and save your people from the terror of enemy. Perform several critical operation, fight as a front line army soldier and serve your nation as superhero sniper shooter. Escape as stealth hero from danger as you are the strike sniper of your hero forces.
You got the speed of super superhero, skills of commando sniper, experience of war rescue.
Use the latest army warfare and shoot the bloody criminals down before they cause any more bloodshed fight like a fearless fighter in this shooter mission fatal fight.
Show the skills in the modern combat arena. Destroy the extremists and unlock the dangerous weapons. So aim and shoot the evil villains in the FPS game mode. Play in the different war atmosphere and play the exciting level. You have to save your city and by killing them evils not only save your city but also arise as a true hero. Militarizes are depending on your heroic strange mutant spider powers and skills to complete and victory this combat also prove that you are a marvelous superhero sniper rifleman.

Features of the game:
> Immersive 3D war environment
> Amazing game physics and slow motions
> Awesome sniper controls and realistic gameplay
> Exciting war sound effects
> Offline missions