System Bet Calculator: 9 famous betting systems APK

System Bet Calculator: 9 famous betting systems


Bahis sistemlerini kullanmak için basit bir uygulama. Numaraları eşlemek için kağıt ve kaleme gerek yok!


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31 Oca 2021
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System Bet Calculator: 9 famous betting systems uygulaması

App for easy system betting tool (calculator) for your casino games and more!
System bet is same as Betting System or Betting Strategy and this app provide you with 9 famous betting system. You can easily use it by tapping WIN or LOSE button as you play games.

This app provides the following 9 betting system calculator.

- Winner's system
- 31 Parlay
- Anti-Martingale (Parlay)
- Cocomo
- D’Alembert
- Great Martingale
- Labouchere (Cancellation)
- Martingale
- Oscar’s Grind

Easy to use:
1. Chose a system from the menu
2. Start your actual games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Black Jack and more.
3. Tap WIN or LOSE button to show next bet amount

- Unit of bet can be changed
- App shows basic data such as # of games, # of rounds (# of completion of system bet), win ratio...
- Create number sequences in Labouchere system as you like.
- Save bet history
- Dark Mode

Please note that the system bet does not guarantee profit although it provides a logical way of betting to attempt to control profit and loss. Please use it at your own risk.

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