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TDA - Train Driver Academy


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6 Kas 2021
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TDA - Train Driver Academy uygulaması

How do I become a Train Driver? What are the minimum requirements? Will I enjoy it? Are there any resources available to help me? This app answers these questions and more.

Developed by the Train Driver Academy, you will find information and guidance that will help you prepare applications, covering letters, CV's and interviews. You'll also find detailed information about all the psychometric assessments used for Train Driver selection. You can practice for some of these assessments by playing our skill booster games. Designed to assist your preparation for the demanding aptitude tests.

Within the app you will find out what skills are required to be a Train Driver. You will also be able to test and improve these skills.

Have a look around the Train Driver's working environment - the driving cab. You can take a 360° tour of train cabs. Including the iconic Class 142 DMU, the Class 150 DMU and one of the most modern units on the UK network, the Class 195 DMU.

If you are interested in a career as a Train Driver this app is for YOU. There are links to help keep you informed and links to current opportunities across the UK.

Most applicants fail at the initial sift through CV's. Let us have a look at your CV to see if we could give you some pointers. You'll find details of this and other services by using the app and visiting our website

This app is constantly changing. As the industry changes we change to reflect it. The app is developed by current UK TOC managers who know the industry from all angles - driving, recruitment, training, assessing and managing.

We're sure we can help. Job seeker to enthusiast - We've got something for you. If you want to see more. Contact us using the details in the app.