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Tea Time - tea timer and more ☕ uygulaması

Start the tea timer and discover wonderful world of teas

Have you ever thought which tea should I drink today? No? Me neither, I usually took one that was in the cupboard. But it has changed recently.

I got tired of drinking the same "black" tea every day with occasional cup of "green" tea. I wanted to try something new and learn more about what I am drinking. I was inspired by the people in the TV who look at their cup as if it was their first-born son. Long story short - there are loads of different teas and different flavours and I love discovering them.

This app contains a list of different teas and allows you to discover them from the comfort of your home / work / public transport. Some short (and useful) information is provided for each tea as well as the list of its most important characteristics. You'll find how it should taste, how it looks and quite importantly how to prepare it (both temperature and time). It's even possible to start a timer which will do all the hard work for you.

What you find here:
- list of tasty and interesting teas
- brewing information (with the timer!)
- tea of the day (if you want to try something new)
- mark tea as your favourite
- search (keyword, type, ...)
- statistics (so you know how many teas you drank)

I hope this app helps you to enjoy wonderful world of teas. Enjoy your every cup.

If you have any comments, suggestions or miss your favourite tea in the app don't hesitate to contact us.

Tea Time Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/A4VcX9r