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Tekken 7 Combos Data Frame


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Tekken 7 Combos Data Frame oyunu

Detailed some fundamentals of the game Tekken 7 to help newcomers improve

Tekken 7 follows the 1-on-1 battles formula with a few noticeable changes. These changes include Rage Art that allows characters to execute critical attacks that deal around 30% damage depending on the character and can only be executed when the attacker’s HP bar is at critical.

The second major change is Power Crush that lets players continue their attacks even while being hit by an opponent. The Power Crush, however, only works for absorbing Mid and High attacks. Finally, there is the introduction of Screw Attacks but more information on it is provided under the Combos Section below.

Tekken 7 Beginners Guide that should answer all your question regarding the game whether you are a newcomer or an experienced Tekkener. In this guide, I have discussed some of the most fundamental aspects of the game like movement, blocking, throws, and more. Do note that a few of the things mentioned in the guide such as Frame Data, advanced movement techniques, etc. might come out as a little intimidating but you should get a hang of them with time and practice.

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