Trap the Cat is a puzzle game application where we have to prevent the cat from escaping by cutting the way, all illustrated with hentai style images


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2 Mar 2022
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Trap the Cat GAME

A cat puzzle game with hentai images

Trap the Cat is a puzzle game that consists of trapping an anthropomorphic cat. It will move along a panel where you have to touch the ground where it is jumping to block its way and prevent it from escaping.

A game full of hentai scenes

But here, what will move the player to fulfill its objective is that the prize after each panel, the player will be able to play with the female cat, since it (or they, there are several characters) is represented with hentai aesthetics, highlighting exaggeratedly some of its physical attributes. There are several characters to play with, and you can choose from different costumes and accessories for each of them. And when talking about playing, it is assumed that you know what it refers to, wink, wink. I do not know, there are all kinds of people in this life…

In reality, this game is nothing more than a version of other similar puzzle games, also starring kittens, but where there is no erotic-festive component, which to tell the truth, is a bit of a bummer.