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19 Kas 2015
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Trial Bike Extreme Multiplayer GAME

Trial Bike Extreme Classic is a single player and Multiplayer racing game. You can use a motorbike or a quad bike depending on your own personal preference and style of racing. There are 20 levels currently in this game with a lot more coming very soon.

Single Player Mode
In single player mode you can use the bike or quad on any level of your choice. Once you are at any level you can choose either vehicle and set your best time, or simply use both to see which vehicle performs better on each level. Practicing this will have you well equipped for our awesome multiplayer mode.

Attempt to race through all of the levels to try to fully complete the single player mode by gaining 100% progress. We will be releasing more levels shortly for the single player and multiplayer modes for more extreme fun and racing!

Multiplayer Mode

Go head to head against people all around the world and collect as many stars as you can whilst trying to win each round. Each player will be awarded credits based on their position at the end of the race and the amount of stars they collected. If any red stars are collected throughout the level this will affect your credits at the end of the round as these are evil stars! They don’t award any bonus credits, only take them away from you.

You can change your vehicle each round with the press of one button, giving the you the ultimate option with little effort whether you want to use the bike or the quad bike.

Upgrades & Customization

You can use your credits you gain in game to purchase upgrades for your vehicle. You are given a choice of colors for absolutely free! Use your well earned in game currency to upgrade your speed, rotation, brakes and the power of the jump on either the quad or the bike, or both!

There are a range of outfits available to purchase also for a small amount of credits!
Choices are:
• Helmet
• Shirt
• Trousers
• Boots
• Elbow & Knee Pads

We have also given you the option to buy a full outfit for a discounted price. Otherwise you can mix and match and use pieces of each outfit for your unique look while racing other players online.


• We have recently added a tutorial so every new or old player can learn or refresh their skills within this great game. The player will be awarded with a free upgrade once the tutorial has been completed.
• 20 levels with many fun obstacles for both single player mode, and multiplayer.
• Upgrades to your bikes to give you that edge against other players.
• Epic customizing of your riders clothing for that unique feared look.
• Level Up! The more you play, the more you win! You’ll be noticed by others for your skill!

Never lose your data!

Recently we have updated to add in the option for Google Play login so you can save your progress and reload from another android device.