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7 Ara 2022
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Ulala: Idle Adventure GAME


Please allow me to introduce you to this magical land simply!

Here, you need to quickly find a companion (class) with the "Ulala" as the secret code, and try your best to use the social warfare (storage) to fight (live)...

--Ok? You asked me what is "Ulala"?


Did you see the four people on the left? They are training in team tacit understanding!

Hey, the guy who is sorting out the ingredients over there is looking forward to making a meal! (whispered) but certainly not my cooking skills!

Dinosaur? Oh, that’s the pet of the captain in neighbor, it’s awkward, unless... its owner hates you!

By the way, there is no problem here that can't be solved by sleeping. If there is, then take a sleep again!

--What? Didn't understand? !

Ok, (Positive face) This is a Buddhist team that you don’t come to know what Urala is, and you may not know it.

Unity and friendship? Of course, professional team push (send) map (dead)...

Cooking with fire? This is a must, eating is the only truth of our lives!

Cloud sucking cute pet? If you change it, can you see that group is cute?

Night and night? Nothing, Ulala is only relaxing and happy~

So, do you want to join us to fight side by side, Ulala~"