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İsimVideo Editor For All APK
Sürüm1.0 (1)
Güncellendi29 Tem 2017
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KategoriUygulamalar, Video Oynatıcılar ve Düzenleyiciler

Video Editor For All uygulaması

HD kalitesinde Trim, sıkıştır, Tarla, Hız ve Gif gibi özelliklerle Video Editor

Edit videos with high quality features such as trim, compress, crop, speed, audio extraction and gif file maker in HD quality. Users can compress the file size of their videos to save enough memory on their android devices. Users will never lose the HD quality with the compression and reduction of file size with our video editor. Videos can also be converted to many other different video formats that will keep the HD quality intact. Audio extraction will turn the extract voice input from the video without losing HD quality. Users can also carve gif files from the video to share on social media. Users can also manipulate the speed of the video with speed up and speed down commands. Edit the videos with added HD quality by using our video editor

How to Use Video Editor for All

• Install Video Editor for All on android device
• Choose a video for editing from gallery or make a new one
• Different video editor features will appear to add to the video
• Video editing features such as trim, crop, compress, audio extraction, speed, convert and gif file maker in HD quality
• Videos will always finish with HD quality graphics and effects
• Create gif files from the videos in HD quality
• Users can save the videos in chosen folders of their choice
• Share the videos on social media and also with friends and family

Features of Video Editor for All

• Video editor has simple to use interface for the all users
• There is wide range of editing features available in this video editor
• Users can trim, crop, compress, audio extraction, speed, convert and gif maker in HD quality
• Create audio files from audio extraction feature in HD quality
• Manipulate speed of video with speed up and speed down commands in HD quality
• Convert to different supported video formats in HD quality
• Carve gif files from the videos for funny interaction on the social media
• Compress the side of the video without losing the HD quality
• This video editor is available for free on the playstore
• Edit your videos offline in HD quality
• Share your video on social media

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