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26 Ara 2018
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Vodafone Wallet APP

Vodafone Wallet is a digital version of your leather wallet, which is packed full of features that you can access with a simple tap of your phone.

Now that Vodafone Pay is part of the Vodafone Wallet there's no need to rummage for cash or cards - or borrow money if you've forgotten your wallet. You can add all your credit and debit cards, plus your PayPal account, for fast, secure, contactless payments.

And there’s more, as you can even add your loyalty cards, meaning you can rack up the points as you shop, plus with Vodafone Tickets, we’ve added the ability to store Passbook tickets in your Vodafone Wallet, such as those all-important flight boarding passes.

Vodafone Wallet works with all smartphones that have Android 4.1 or above installed. If you have a phone with NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality, you may be able to swap your current SIM for a NFC SIM. When connected to Vodafone Wallet, your NFC SIM secures all contactless payments that you make using your phone.

Things to remember
* The app is exclusive to Vodafone customers
* Vodafone Wallet and Vodafone Pay work with all non-rooted phones that have Android 4.1 (or later versions) installed
* Before downloading Vodafone Wallet, make sure your phone's latest manufacturer software is installed through your settings
* The app is free to use. (If you access the app outside of your home network, you may incur data charges.)

For more information visit or search for Wallet on the Vodafone eForum at

This app is for Vodafone UK users only. If you are a Vodafone customer in a different country please check your local Vodafone website for further information about the products available to you.