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24 Oca 2019
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Walk Mode APP

Walk Mode helps you monitor your walk while using your phone. It uses the sensors on your phone to notify you if there is any danger.

Key Features:

1. Unsafe walking alerts
Walk Mode will detect and alert you about any unsafe steps you take when using your phone while walking.

2. Safe walker badges
Walk Mode tracks the number of safe steps you take. Earn a badge every time 80% of your daily steps are safe.

3. Hide notifications (feature available for Samsung phones only)
Walk Mode gives you the option to hide notifications on the lock screen while you are walking.

4. Horn detection
Walk Mode can automatically detect vehicle horns and alert you.

Hide notifications feature is only available for Samsung smartphones. Horn detection feature is optimized for Samsung smartphones.

Always exercise caution while walking and using your device at the same time. Samsung shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from non-compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, or guidelines.

Use of mobile phones while walking should be avoided. Intent of Walk Mode is only to caution you to refrain from using mobile phones while walking.