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Whatscan 2020


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İsimWhatScan With Web APK
Sürüm2.0 (6)
Güncellendi17 Nis 2021
GeliştiriciApp Gem
Yükleme sayısı50.000+
KategoriUygulamalar, Haberleşme

Whatscan 2020 uygulaması

Whatscan 2020, okuyucu ve QR kodlu verimli ve hızlı bir QR kod tarayıcıdır

Whatscan 2020 is a efficient and fast QR code scanner with reader and QR code creator. It has more customize feature of Generate Qr code, Flash Light, Sound and Vibration control. Whatsweb scanner app for web whats has versatile whatstools, whatschat, whatsweb,

Whats scanner, Scan Qr code & barcode:
Whatscan clone chat: whatsweb scanner has quick scan i.e. fast scanning feature with QR code reader and QR Data Matrix scanner. You can simply scan code by camera and whats scanner immediately picks it. It will be your pocket QR scanner. Barcode Reader and QR code scanner. You can quicksave scan code QR qr code in memory. Whatscan clone chat: whatsweb scanner provides you flash light feature to scan QR code in dark environment. You can customize setting of Sound and Vibration on scan code result. You can easily scan qr code & scan barcode by scanner app. It will quick scan the code and quicksave in memory.
Qr code generator:
Whatstools contains QR Code Generator too. The qr generator provides you an environment to generate QR code which matters in daily life. You can generate QR code tailor made for your profile (Personal, Business and Company) by qr code creator. Select the respective portion to generate qr code, enter your details in required sections where qr code generator will generate QR code for it. Then you can easily share and quicksave it to your phone directory for future use.

Dual Space & Multiple accounts:
Whatscan for whatsweb provides Multiple Accounts for Whats web on various devices. It provides you dual space in your phone where you can operate parallel accounts of 2 accounts of watsup in parallel space of one device. Simply scan code of watsup from whatscan scanner app and open your account in another device. This way you can operate multiple accounts on same devce

Whatscloner & whatsweb & whatscan:
It provides you flash light feature to scan QR code in dark environment. It creates whatsclone watsup clone app by making quickscan of watsup qr code. It creates Clone app for watsup by whatscan for whatsweb & whatsclone. It enables whatschat on ultiple accounts in dual space & parallel space.

Features of QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner - Whatscan:
- Fast QR Scanner and Generator QR code
- Qr Code Generator for profile.
- Create QR code for Business profile
- Whats web QR Code Scanner Barcode Reader
- Barcode Scanner and Fast Barcode Reader
- Make QR code for company profile
- Generates Qr code for contact or business card
- Fast Scanner and QR code maker
- QR Code Generator for text and Mail
- Generate QR code for message
- Scan QR Barcode Scanner and QR code creator
- Whatscan scanner app for whatsweb
- Flashlight for scanning in dark environment

How to Use Whatscan clone chat: whatsweb scanner:
QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner - Whatscan provides you an environment to Scan code, Generate QR code with full details for your profile (Business, Copany, Profile etc). You can create QR Code for text, message, contact and mail. Fast Barcode Scanner and QR code Reader will help you to Scan barcode for products and other things. You can easily manage your scan history and can be share with any one when you want share it. you can use flash light feature in dark light environment. You can customize the setting of Sound and Vibration for Scan results and get Parallel App for Whatsweb. Recently scanned Qr code reader are managed in history portion and can be delete and share when required.

Download Whatscan 2020 to quick scan qr code and scan barcode by handy scanner app. Create custom design profile based qr code for official purpose

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