Track Piano APK

A music creation app with a mix function for making a multilayer piano track.

Version3.0 (7)
UpdatedMay 16, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Track Piano is a music creation app that enables users to easily create a multilayer recording.

● Ideal for beginners
● Grand Piano
● 48 keys (C2 - B5)
● Mix function to build a multilayer track
● Load custom instruments

High quality samples from a real grand piano are included.
Plug in headphones for high quality stereo sound.

Update 2018 :
Custom instrument sounds can be loaded into the app. Instructions can be found by opening the app and navigating to the "About" dialog.

How it works :

In Track Piano, there is ONLY one track.
You can play parts of your song (e.g. melody or chords) separately
and then mix them into the track to produce your song.

1) Go to [Options -> Load] and select a track file (.WAV file)
A default will be loaded otherwise with no sound.

2) Press the [Record button] and start playing.
The track will play in the background as you interact with the onscreen keyboard.
The [Stop button] can be pressed to stop recording.

3) Go to [Options -> Mix]
This will add the notes that you played to the main track.
Control the volume of the recording by setting the "amp" value.
Now you can carry on recording and add another layer or save the track.

4) Go to [Options-> Save] to save the track as a WAV file.

Loading music :

You can load your own WAV files into the app.
These should be placed in the "Track Piano" folder.
WAV files loaded into the application MUST have these specifications :

- Up to 2 minutes in length
- 16,000 Hz sampling rate
- 16 bit resolution
- Stereo (2 channels)

MP3 files are NOT supported although you can convert MP3 to WAV.
If the WAV file is too loud, clipping will occur. Reduce the volume in an audio editor.
There are many free audio editors available to prepare your WAV file for Track Piano.

An internet connection is used ONLY to display Google Ads.

Email: android.agent.hp@gmail.com

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