A little stickman who LOVES to pull off awesome flips & tricks on a trampoline.


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Apr 10, 2020
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Trampoline Man (Stickman Game) GAME

**Download the Arcade hit game Trampoline Man FREE today on Google Play and get jumping!!**

Meet Trampoline Man. He’s a little stickman who just LOVES to pull off awesome flips and tricks on the trampoline!

Have a go and see for yourself, before you know it you’ll be hooked! Happy flipping!

Key Features:
- Addictive, simple gameplay for all ages
- Three different modes to perfect your skills
- Over 50 Achievements / Trophies to collect
- Google Play Leaderboards to track your progress against your friends and the rest of the world

*Classic* (previously freestyle) - climb as high as you can by performing flips but perfect those landings or you’ll lose height, or even worse - crash!
*Timed* - 60s on the clock to get the highest score possible
*Arcade* - follow the flip instructions, you have 3 lives - how long can you last?

Tips for becoming a Trampoline Man Pro:
- Hold the left side of the screen to do a backflip and the right side to do a front flip
- land your jumps as straight as possible (on your feet)
- Get a perfect or great landing and you’ll get a height boost and the most points.
- A good landing is still okay. You get points but won’t lose or gain any height.
- A poor or a bad landing will still get you points, but you will lose height.
- Don’t land too far on your side or it’s game over.
- More flips in one jump gets you more height and bigger scores!
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