Beautiful Journey to the West Painting, Demonic God Qi, Exploding Fighting Force!


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Feb 2, 2024
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Trận Chiến Huyền Ảo GAME

The first mobile game Fighting the Demon God【Fantasy Battle】with the theme Journey to the West officially opens Server!
✦ Log in and immediately receive White Horse Mounted Cavalry【Snow Riding Horse】, Exclusive Martial Wings【Pure Wings】!
✦ Receiving gifts without stopping on the new Server, logging in every day can receive Dharma Jewels【Purple Purple Phoenix】, Vu Duc【Phoenix Wings】, and Tien Oa【Liquid Tien Dong】 waiting for you to take home. !

————————GAME FEATURES————————
◈ The Book of Demon God, Beautiful Drawing Style ◈
The beautiful and unique ink painting style creates a unique Demon God Book just for you, roaming heaven and earth, traveling mountains and rivers in a magical world, immediately opening a Fantasy Battle!

◈ Demonic Fighting, Easy Level Up ◈
Extremely fun demon fighting gameplay, simple operations can easily overcome obstacles, unbeatable Divine Techniques are at your disposal, defeat enemies in one second, quickly level up and no one can stop you!

◈ A lot of copies, Christmas Demons and Demons ◈
Lots of Pho Ban Phuc Ma, rich themes, fight with familiar villains in Journey to the West, enjoy the orgasmic combat experience of Infinite Phuc Ma! In addition, there is also Pho Ban adventure【Cuu Tieu Cac】, and online multiplayer Pho Ban【Loi Kiep Phong Than】waiting for you to challenge!

◈ Magnificent Appearance, Panoramic Flight ◈
Gorgeous appearance, free to decorate! Combining the beautiful Vu Duc, one button levitation, let you enjoy the pleasure of flying freely, the beautiful 3D panorama world is right before your eyes, creating a unique memory of the Fantasy journey.

◈ Freedom to Make Love, The Call of the Heart ◈
Completely new system of Destiny, freely make friends, make love according to your heart in the world of Hoi Quyen! Closing the distance between each other, forming an irreplaceable bond, calling from the heart, doubling the intimacy, creating unique romantic memories.

◈ Instant Download! Receive Countless Generous Benefits ◈
Log in immediately and get White Horse Mounted Cavalry【Snow Riding Horse】, Exclusive Vu Duc【Pure Wings】, Log in every day the new Server can receive Dharma Treasures【Purple Purple Metal】, Vu Duc【Purple Wings】 Phuong】, Tien Oa【Sulfur Tien Dong】. There are also Exclusive Level benefits, Costume【Aromatic Snow Ling Suong】, Winged Wings【Purple Wings】, Red Equipment【Seven-Star Magic Robe】 waiting for you to grab!
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