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UpdatedAug 06, 2015 (5 years ago)

Trans-cab Services Pte Ltd
Taxi Booking

Try our new TransCab Taxi Booking App on your Android mobile now!

With our new Android TransCab App, you can make bookings with our taxi in just a few easy steps.

There is no registration required as well as re-entering your details as your previous bookings will be saved.

Enter your Booking Information
- Name: Your Identity Name
- Mobile Number: Your Mobile Number for contact purposes
- Address: Your Pickup Location Address
- Pickup Point: The Pickup Point of your Address
- Taxi Type: The taxi model

Making a new Taxi Booking
- All Fields are mandatory
- Make booking with a simple "Book" button
- A successful booking will be followed by a notification

- Check the status of your booking here!
- Status will auto-refresh every 20 seconds
+ Searching: We are still searching a TransCab taxi for you.
+ Assigned: A TransCab taxi has been assigned to you!
+ No Taxi: No TransCab taxi found. Please re-book again.
+ Trip Started: The Taxi has picked you up successfully.
+ Cancelled: Please re-book again.
- Cancel your current booking with the Cancel button
- New bookings can only be made after the current booking has cancelled/ended
- New Map Feature added
+ Allows the user to view the approximate distance between your designated pickup location and your assigned taxi, on a map.
+ Map feature will only be available after the taxi has been assigned during the booking.

Trip Ended
- Once your trip has ended, your current booking status will be cleared
- Proceed to the home page to make a new booking

- Browse your booking history
- Up to 10 previous bookings saved
- Make your saved booking with the same Booking button

Thanks for your support!

A service brought to you by Trans-Cab

Latest Version

1.2.1 Aug 06, 2015