'TRAP HUNTER TD' is a new-style, UNIQUE-TRAP-SYSTEM Tower Defence Game.

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'TRAP HUNTER TD' is a New-style Tower Defence Game that is characteristic by UNIQUE TRAP SYSTEM.
Predict some courses of enemies, to block and destroy them with traps!
Each trap has own function, and can work more powerful by upgrade.
Setting/Upgrading traps requires some 4 kinds of material, and you can get it by defeating enemies.
Make good use of various traps to defeat enemies!
You need to survive against all enemy's invasion, to accomplish a mission.
Let's challenge 15 missions, invasion of many kind of enemies wait for you!

・What is 'TRAP HUNTER'?
This game is a Tower Defense game in common with the theme of 'TRAP HUNTER -LOST GEAR-'.

'TRAP HUNTER -LOST GEAR-' is a turn-based dungeon crawler RPG(roguelike style) characteristic by UNIQUE TRAP SYSTEM.
Free version 'TRAP HUNTER -LOST GEAR- LITE' is also available!
Please try them!

Email: sup_a@ash.jp

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