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TRAQ by Alegria® smart shoes can be synced to your smart phone with the free
TRAQ by Alegria® app. A newly updated and enhanced app experience that will make counting your steps more fun and fulfilling. If you are walking for wellness or for fun, you can start by setting your goals, creating groups and getting rewarded for your achievements. Keep your steps on TRAQ!

– App versions are available completely free for download in the app store.
– Your steps are recorded directly onto the Q-Chip™ that’s integrated into each pair of
TRAQ shoes.
– Go to MY SHOES and connect your shoes to the app for a fun and motivating way to keep walking.

– Sign up and create an account to pair your new TRAQ shoes.
– Add additional pairs by heading to the MY SHOES section.
– Activate your shoes by shaking the left shoe and then connecting.
– Multiple pairs of shoes can be stored on your account. The app will automatically sync to the pair you are currently wearing and will start counting your steps.
– Stored steps will immediately sync to the account and show on the DASHBOARD. The Q-Chip™ keeps track of your activity up to 7 days.

– Each time you wear your TRAQ shoes, your step data is saved to the Q-Chip™ for up to 7 days. Your step activity is stored even if you don’t have access to your smartphone.
– Open the app and connect your shoes in MY SHOES. Shoes registered to your account will immediately sync to the DASHBOARD.
– The shoes and app do not contain GPS tracking, which significantly helps preserve your phone’s battery power.
– For best results, sync your step data to the app before you take off your shoes for the day!
– You don’t need to have your phone on you while wearing the shoes. The Q-Chip™ holds your step data for up to 7 days, until you can sync to the app.

– See how your friends and family are doing by creating and joining community groups. Whether you are inspiring each other to walk, or having a friendly step competition – Groups will motivate you to get out there and walk!
– Find out what TRAQ shoe styles other members are wearing when you click on their profile in any group.
– Create groups and alert members with customized messages to keep them walking!
– Compete with other TRAQ app users on the Public Ranking section. Let’s Walk Together™!

– Reach various daily, weekly, and annual goals and earn achievement badges to record these milestones.
– Total achievements acquired to-date is also listed to keep you motivated to collect more badges!
– ACTIVITY screen shows a timeline of your step activity. Monitor and keep track of your Achievement streaks with an easy-to-read History feed.

– Capture and send your step progress from your DASHBOARD to your social media network, personal contacts, or email.
– Share with the community your group activity.
– Send “hearts” to other TRAQ members to encourage their step progress.

Our vision is to encourage happiness through wellness, and we truly believe that
TRAQ by Alegria® will help customers combine their favorite fitness activities with their favorite shoe brand and get motivated you to keep walking with an easy-to-use
smartphone app.

TRAQ by Alegria® info & FAQ: traqshoes.com/pages/introduction-to-traq
Terms & Conditions: traqshoes.com/app-terms-of-service
Privacy Policy: traqshoes.com/app-privacy-policy

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