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Latest Version

NameTri Coin APK
Version4.5.1 (71)
UpdatedOct 16, 2021
CategoryApps, Social

Updated - What's New

- Transaction entries limits have increased from 20 to 40
- Fix that prevents users participate in the world rankings
- Minor bug fixes and improved stability

Tri Coin App

TRI coin is a full decentralized coin which have full scalability & fast coin

TRI Coin is a native token that is developed upon Binance Smart Chain BSC(BEP20) to support the infrastructure or ecosystem of project future developments & funding. The total supply is 1,00,000 tokens. It has 18 decimal fractions that are known as "TRI POINTS". In-app you will be mining POINTS which will re-balance & will be converted to Coins when withdrawals open.

It is pre mint token that has released in the market according to the pool size & a yearly token released according to halving cycles. The total supply will be released in a 4 years time frame. It can only be mined through mobile & it consumes less than 1% energy of your smartphone to mine it. Currently, It doesn't have its own blockchain so no block time in it but after listing development starts so, then we will focus on creating our own blockchain, till then we will be using the BSC chain

Its soft cap is $100k, so we need at least $100k to run this project & after completing it, the team will go for listing. Listing exchanges will be declared before 1-2 days of listing.

Total Supply
1st year - 40,000 Coins
2nd year - 30,000 COINS
3rd year - 20,000 COINS
4th year - 10,000 COINS

Earning Source
It earns money by showing ADVERTISEMENT because we aren't doing any ICO/IDO/IEO so this is the only way to get the funds and run this project. If in the future, ADS are stopped for some reason then this project will also be stopped. Ads are the main revenue for the project.

If you want to see tokens then you can visit token contact address on BSCSCAN: 0xafc70341ba9008a3a3b6981b113326eb28501995

In the beginning, All supply is in hands of the team but as people mine it supply start distributed in people hand so after some time it fully decentralized.
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