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Trinagon - 3Df APK

The spatial-mind-boggler! Unique 3D puzzle game, for those who enjoy a challenge

Trinagon - 3D solitaire puzzles for beautiful minds

All you need to do, is permute triangles around their common centers,
and bring them to their solution patterns.

A seemingly simple task ?

Well. The first 30 or so puzzles may be easy (or not), but there are around 400 ! (and more to come).

Solving some of these may seriously take a few days (weeks ?), but do not despair, they are solvable.

The process is similar to the solving a rubiks cube. Do not give up !
(by the way : would you return the rubiks cube, if you couldn't solve it ?)

Afterwards the challenge is to find the most elegant solution.
Speed is never an issue.
Creative thought is, so don't be hasty.

Maybe you even set a new perfect solution score ?
(Please tell us if you do !)

The game evolves from 'easy' (or not even) to spatially complex challenges, that will give your curious mind food for puzzling for years to come.

Enjoy to learn and play a completely new game !


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