StopWatch Timer application of retro-cyber design.


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Jul 28, 2016
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TRONICA Retro Cyber StopWatch APP

Retro Cyber stopwatch -TRONICA-
"TRONICA" is stopwatch application with timer of retro-cyber design.

You can be used as a Sports Track Records and kitchen timer

>Lap time function
Press and hold number of LAP ,show the LAP MENU

>Counting in the background, It to reduce the consumption of the battery and terminal burden.
It to reduce the consumption of the battery and terminal burden.
Because, It have to calculate the time until application startup from the application at the end.
Thus, It was made to resume the count.
As long as you do not press the stop button, App will measure the time.

Displays an analog clock and a stopwatch at the same time.
Usually used as a clock, one-touch start the stopwatch.

*If you want to use the widget, please move the app to phone.
If there is a app in other storage (eg SD card),
Not be able to use the widget.

>Colour variations and Design
You can set color of choice in colorbar.
if you want erase the bottom line of the ad, It becomes invisible when color to black in the settings.

>Font setting
Currently,You can choose from three types of fonts.

>Application Launch From the Status Bar.
Can be call TRONICA from the status bar. ( Selectable on / off )

Do you know how much time is being spent in that works?
If you can know the time you have spent on it,
the work efficiency and self-management of time will improve!
(In the case of such usage, this app's widget is very useful.
Because there is no effort to launch the app.)
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