TRS-80 Emulator APK

A free TRS-80 Model I & III emulator for Android

Version0.41 (41)
UpdatedAug 04, 2019 (1 year ago)
DeveloperArno Puder
CategoryGames, Arcade

This is the first version of a TRS-80 Model I & III emulator. Note that the CoCo is NOT supported. The CoCo has a completely different architecture and is out of scope for the time being. This app is a port of xtrs to Android. Please note that this version is alpha-ware. I'm releasing my work under the Apache V2 Open Source license and it does not cost you anything. Instead of giving this app a one-star rating either wait for updates or help making it better. If you really feel compelled to leave a one-star rating, perhaps consider writing a comment describing what doesn't work. You can find the complete source code at: https://github.com/apuder/TRS-80

The following features are currently supported:
•  Model I & III (text mode only)
•  Cassette support. A default blank tape is automatically created (a different
   cassette image can be mounted via the Edit Configuration dialog). Use the
   rewind button in the action bar to rewind the tape to the beginning
•  Floppy disks
•  Sound
•  Different keyboard types, including a tilt interface where the accelerometer
   triggers cursor keys (for games)
•  Game controller support: joystick and DPAD buttons are mapped to appropriate cursor keys.
   Other game controller keys are mapped to space for now (future version might allow
   custom mapping)
•  Define different keyboard layouts for landscape and portrait mode
•  When an external keyboard is detected, it will automatically be used
   instead of the configured soft-keyboard.
   Use <Ctrl>-B and <Ctrl>-C for <Break> and <Clear> respectively
•  Chromecast support: cast your TRS-80 application to your big screen!

Please consider to contribute a translation: https://github.com/apuder/TRS-80/blob/master/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml

•  Write to external storage: the emulator needs access to ROM and disk
   images that are stored on the SD card
•  Network state: needed for Chromecast
•  Internet: Crashlytics crash reporter

Join the community:

Email: mobile@puder.org

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