TRUDO is a NEW, fun, challenging and intriguing board game for all ages to play.

Version1.0.18 (10018)
UpdatedJun 19, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperTimeShift Technologies
CategoryGames, Board

Strategy and foresight are key to whether you win or lose.
The object of the game is simple: progressively move and congregate your pieces around the board to create a square of 3x3 (9) counters of your own colour anywhere on the game board / 4x4 (16) counters in the enhanced Master Version.

Sound Easy? – Not when you have a tenacious AI opponent pitting its wits against you!

TRUDO includes the following powerful features:
• AI opponent with three levels of difficulty.
• Option to choose your own counter colours.
• Ability for you to select whether you or the AI plays first.
• Gameplay offers: AI vs Human, Human vs Human or even AI vs AI to watch TRUDO play against itself.
• A Swing-O-Meter indicating which player has the tactical advantage during play.
• Exit game mid-play and TRUDO remembers the current position for when you return.

• TRUDO also has many upgrade options to further enhance and deepen gameplay:
• Special ‘starred’ pieces which have to be placed within your winning square (2 levels).
• Advanced gameplay: Eject your own colour when you are also making your winning move (included for free).
• Powerful ‘Hint’ mode.
• Undo last move (or AI sequence) mode. Perfect for training, as you can even undo your opponent’s win to give you a chance to try a different strategy.
• Replay and watch game.
• Combine options to make TRUDO even harder to beat.
• TRUDO Master. For the truly adventurous, try the 7x7 game board, offering two orders of magnitude greater game depth, where to win you can even choose to create a square of 4x4 (16 counters)!

What's New

minor revision to bring app and credits screen version numbers into sync
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