Adjustable Simulated Patient Monitor for Medical Training

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Excellent learning tool for doctors, medical students, nurses and paramedics/EMS.

Undertake realistic medical simulation training without the need for expensive/high-fidelity mannequins.

Perfect revision aid for life support courses, OSCE exam preparation or ad hoc teaching.

Verbally create a scenario as simple or as complex as the teacher wishes. If the student has a 2nd device, connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and the 2nd device becomes a realistic monitor.

If the student initiates appropriate management for the simulated patient, the teacher can improve the patient’s vital signs. If not... the patient can deteriorate and eventually suffer cardiac arrest.

The teacher can alter multiple patient parameters as the scenario evolves:

- BP
- Arterial Line
- SpO2
- Resp Rate
- Temperature
- Fingerprick Glucose
- Capnography (once intubated)
- End-Tidal CO2
- Lab results - Haematology/Biochemistry/Blood gases

Change ECG rhythms instantly or via defibrillation/CPR cycle.

Choose from an extensive list of ECG rhythms (upgrade required to access advanced waveforms)
•Normal Sinus Rhythm
•Various AV conduction defects
•AF with digoxin effect
•Torsades de Pointes
•Atrial Flutter
•Flutter Pause
•Electrical Alternans
•Mild / Severe hyperkalaemia
•Junctional Escape
•Long QT
•Multiple Ectopics
•Pacemaker with and without capture
•Pre-Excited AF
•ST elevation / depression
•Wolf Parkinson White

Once intubated, multiple capnography options are available (upgrade required to access advanced waveforms)
•Normal Breathing
•Obstructive Breathing
•Breathing System Disconnection
•Malignant Hyperpyrexia
•Inadequate Paralysis
•Acute Loss of Cardiac Output

What's New

Added Scenario Builder Improvements:
- Support for custom parameters
- Draggable playback slider
- Draggable sound durations
- Display Immediately/Alert Only options
- Ability to use custom videos for ultrasound

General Updates:
- Added advanced behaviour for defib where SYNC is required
- Additional lab measurement units/conversions
- Added support for split custom values
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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TruMonitor - Simulated Patient Monitor 2.1.1

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2.1.1 (213) 2019-10-14
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