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Truth or Dare - Dirty & Extreme


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NameTruth or Dare APK
Version2.3.3 (222)
UpdatedOct 23, 2021
DeveloperVanilla b.v.
CategoryGames, Casual

Updated - What's New

Big news! We've entirely redesigned Truth or Dare. Every little detail has been redone for your enjoyment. We'd love to know if you like it. Enjoy the game!

Truth or Dare - Dirty & Extreme Game

Ultimate spicy and naughty party game for adults and couples. Dirty Edition.

Truth or Dare 💋 Dirty Edition

Get ready for embarrassing questions 🤭, dirty dares 🤫, sexy challenges 💋 and an incredible amount of fun and drinks 🍺!

Answer truthfully and complete your dares to get to know the dirty side of your friends or partner.

Always wanted to know about your friend’s dirty secrets? Or have you always wondered about your partner's past? Truth or Dare reveals it all!

❗️ Be aware that the app contains dirty and naughty content not suited for a younger audience and are targeted at adult 18+ players in the extreme mode.

How to Play Truth or Dare as a couple ❤️

Truth or Dare for couples adds a little spice to your relationship. Not only do players have to answer dirty truths and perform naughty dares - they will also get to know their partner better.

It’s a game best suited for couples, no matter if they are dating for a long time, are married or just happen to be on their first date.

Playing Truth or Dare as a couple is highly recommended to speed up the process of getting to know each other. Please be aware that you might uncover some dirty secrets from your partner's past or be suprised by the deed they did.

Truth or Dare as a couple game

To add some extra spice, we recommend these rules while playing as a couple.

When a player:
❌ doesn’t perform his dare
❌ doesn’t answer his question
❌ doesn’t answer his question truthfully

He or she has to do one of these actions:
🌶 do something naughty
💋 kiss their partner
🎁 surprise their partner with a gift

To avoid disputes we suggest using the play with names feature, as some questions might be really dirty.

How to play Truth or Dare?

The classic way to play

👉 Gather in a circle around the app
👉 Spin the bottle to select a player
👉 The player gets to choose Truth or Dare
👉 Truth: The player has to answer the question truthfully
👉 Dare: The player has to do the dare
👉 Spin the bottle again to continue the game

The easy way to play

👉 Gather around the app
👉 Enter all the player names
👉 The app selects the player
👉 The player selects Truth or Dare
👉 The app selects the next player and the game continues

Game Modes and Features

Reveal naughty and dirty secrets with Truth or Dare for Android!

⚫️️ More than 2 000 dirty, naughty, spicy, 18+ and sexy Truth or Dares!
⚫️ Multiple game modes for adults, couples or real daredevils.
⚫️ Set up player names, perfect for large groups, couples and parties!
⚫️ Frequently receive new Truth or Dare questions and other updates.
⚫️ Play without WiFi and in 26 different languages

Who should play Truth or Dare?

The game is best suited for adults who are older than 18, as well as couples who want to get to know each other.

The game offers a dirty extreme mode 18+ for adult players!

The extreme mode contains spicy questions and naughty dares. It is best suited for 18+ players or couples.

APK: Truth or Dare, Adevăr sau Provocare, Prawda czy Wyzwanie, حقيقة أو جرأة, Felelsz vagy Mersz, Obbligo o Verità, 真実か挑戦か, Θάρρος ή Αλήθεια, Pravda nebo Úkol, Sandhed eller Konsekvens, Verdade ou Desafio, Wahrheit oder Pflicht, Doğruluk mu Cesaret mi, Durven of de Waarheid, Action ou Vérité, Verdade ou Consequência, Totuus vai Tehtävä, Nødt eller Sannhet, Правда или Действие, Истина или Предизвикателство, Sanning eller Konsekvens, 진실 혹은 도전, Verdad o Reto, Istina ili Izazov, 真心话大冒险

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