Truth Tables APK

truth-tables for classical logic and for a number of non-classical systems

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UpdatedNov 14, 2013 (7 years ago)
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The sole purpose of this program is generating, and displaying, truth tables.

This free version supports all usual connectives of classical logic, that is negation, conjunction, (inclusive) disjunction, conditonal (material implication), and biconditional (material equivalence), as well as the constants 1 and 0 denoting truth and falsehood, respectively. A cool thing is that, besides the somewhat boring standard notation of logic, you may use Lukasiewicz's stream-lined, shiny Polish notation, too.

And it doesn't stop here. If you are the down-to-earth, common-sense kind of person, you will find it reassuring that, by default, the program uses classical, two-valued, logic. But if you are more of the adventurous type, never stopping short of an enterprise, you will be delighted to learn that Truth Tables for Android supports a number of non-classical, multi-valued systems of logic, too. Never enter a river twice, and two negatives don't make an affirmation, so to speak!

What's New

* NAND and NOR are more prominent for most screen sizes (requested by a user)
* cleaning up layouts (please report any problem with exotic devices)
* allowing "*" and "+" for conjunction and disjunction, respectively (requested by a user)
* optionally showing separator lines between main columns (requested by a user)
* on-screen keyboard optionally showing the propositional letters A, B, C,... instead of P, Q, R,... (requested by a user)

Email: christian.gottschall@gmail.com

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