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Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedApr 25, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateApr 25, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Tukio is an app that lets you view and share events on the go!

Tukio is a highly accessible event reporting app that gives its users the ability to keep track of all events around them and to bring their events to much larger audience easily. Tukio is bringing big events like conventions, seminars and even smaller events like birthdays and study groups directly to you.

Home -

Tukio offers a personalized feed of events called the "Home" section that only displays events that fit into your scope of interests keeping you abreast of all the happenings in your field of interests. This feed is set by the set of interests selected when setting up your account -- these interests can be modified later.

Explore -

Tukio also offers an even wider range of events called the "Explore" section that offers you the chance to try something new, exposing you to other events that are happening in your area allowing you a chance to dabble.

Update -

The "Update" section keeps you updated about events that you've shown interest in by clicking the "Going" button. This allows you to be on top of all last-minute show changes like time or location or during-event happenings like surprise-guest showings and all. Updates can also be viewed for individual events on your feeds by clicking the bell icon.

All these are presented to you in a very slick and smooth UI design featuring also a profile page, a specific page for specific event types and even more features for you to find.

Promoting Events -

You don't need another application to send events or promote them. You can do these with the click of a button. Tukio gives you the ability to provide all the possible information about your events including ticket or registration links even your special guests and dress code. So your like-minded invitees never miss a beat.

Your events can even reach a bigger audience by promoting your events. This puts your event on the everyone's feed irrespective of their chosen interests, the larger the audience range selected, the more times it appears on users' feed.

To promote your events you'll pay the amount of money that is corresponding to the audience range you want and to pay said amount you'll need to input your Credit Card Number, Credit Card Expiry Date and Month and Your Credit Card's CVV. The amount will be clearly stated in the dialog where you input all these details.

After all these details are inputted, a dialog will pop-up, requesting your pin and once you're done, your event will be promoted. The larger the audience range selected, the larger the reach. The collected Card Details will be saved on the phone only and it can be cleared with the app's data.

We ensure that with Tukio you'll never miss an event again!