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Free download Tulip Crush 🌷 Match 3 Beautifully 🐝 Flower Game 1.9 apk game latest version for android


Try out award-winning FREE match 3 game Tulip Crush today - the most beautiful and relaxing flower puzzle app around where 'Tulip Lovers can... Tiptoe Tulips Anytime!' 🌷🌷🌷

Slide matching real life tulips together in this vibrant flower game, as you tiptoe through 100 garden levels of tulip crushing fun 🌞

In this enchanted garden adventure, a bedazzled swan princess, ❤️ Princess Tulipa 🌷, is being held captivated by the magical allure of the Golden Ruby Tulip. She awaits to be freed from its entrapping glow - can you break her from this dreamy spell? ✨

Tulip Crush Features:
● Made with real life photos of tulips to deliver a uniquely authentic experience by bringing the true natural beauty and love of flowers into everyday life
● Plays peaceful, calming music to provide serenity throughout your day
● Match 3 or more of the same tulips 🌷🌷🌷 to score points, earn bonuses and complete the challenging goals found at each puzzle garden level you visit
● Craft various 'boosters' to enhance game play and strategically gain the winning advantage over friends and family
● Use striped 〰️ tulips 🌷 to 'wipe out' an entire row, electric ⚡ 'boomer' tulips 🌷 to destroy a block of 9 tulips, and rainbows 🌈 to destroy all the same type of tulips at once; among other boosters
● Combine various boosters to reveal even bigger surprises 🎉 as you continually discover new and exciting features
● Adventure through flower gardens and meet cute animal friends along the way

Tulip Crush Awards:
● Winner of the 'Game of the Year' Award (2017-2018) from the World Tulip Society:
● Winner of a 'Tulip Award 2017' for outstanding experience from the Canadian Tulip Festival:

❤️ Princess Tulipa 🌷 invites you to join her in the festival of fun and games by crushing red 'Friso', orange 'Ottawa', pink 'Barcelona', white 'Happy Generation', yellow 'Flamenco' tulips and more - oh my! 😍 So, is it your time to shine? 🌟

🌷 Beyond just crushing candy, fruit and jelly - NOW you can be a more entertained and relaxed you enjoying the real life beauty of tulips; bring more positivity to your world wherever you may go. 🐝 Start 'crushing' these lovely flowers today! 🌷🌷🌷

Tulip Crush is completely FREE to play, however, some optional in-game items will require payment. By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our terms of use:

🌷 Tulip Crush made by indie game developer 🌷 Tulipmaniapps
❤️ This game is dedicated to Mom ❤️ Love You!
🌷 "I've never crushed anything so beautiful in my life!" 🌷🌷 ~Mom

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Have lots of fun playing Tulip Crush - the most beautiful and relaxing match 3 puzzle adventure flower game around where 'Tulip Lovers can... Tiptoe Tulips Anytime!' 🌷🌷🌷

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🌞 WOOHOO!! It's Spring! 🌷 🌷 🌷 Enjoy this ENHANCED EDITION w/ +24 FREE Gems for 1st Time Installs 💎💎💎

👍 Tulip Crush 1.9 enhances the match 3 fun by improving game play (app loads/runs faster; extra time on clock for timed levels; more Rewarded Video gems available) and is now over 3MB smaller (vs. 1.6) 😊 Save precious space on your devices with this update for our bloomin' fun flower game 🌷

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Tulip Crush 🌷 Match 3 Beautifully 🐝 Flower Game 1.9

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