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A DJ for your phone! Speaks the Songs and Toasts the Tracks.

Version3.6.2 (100)
UpdatedSep 14, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Due to rule changes Google have made we are no longer able to support this application through the Play Store.

We are prevented from uploading new versions due to our use of implicit broadcasts. If we comply with the restrictions to target the latest APIs, then Tune Announcer will cease to work as without implicit broadcasts we cannot receive scrobbles.

If you've bought Tune Announcer and need help to resolve bugs, then contacts us directly (support@softwyer.com)



This application speaks the track name, artist and album title when playing music using the default media players, or others that support scrobbling.

It's useful if you have a large music collection and cannot see the screen to check the names, e.g whilst exercising.

It uses the native Text-to-Speech capabilities of the device to speak. If you don't like the way it speaks, or pronounces words, then download an alternative TTS provider for your device.


Tune Announcer also toasts the song details whilst speaking. Shows the album cover, track name, artist and album name.

The details of the tune pop up are large enough to be comfortably and safely read whilst driving.

Toasts can be enabled and disabled independently of the Announcements.

TASKER Support

Tasker can be used to create Action Intent Tasks that enable or disable Tune Pop and Announcements. See this blog for more details : http://softwyer.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/tasker-support-for-tune-announcer-pro/

Pro version has:

- toggle widget
- notification icon
- configure the application to ignore certain characters and symbols when speaking.
- option to ignore all text in brackets () & []
- well done toast
- speak in English option (British)
- speak album name
- free format speech mode allows you to choose what parts to say and where to place them.
- tasker support.
- speak at the end of the track, rather than the beginning.
- Google's network sourced speech synthesis


This relies on the track containing a reasonable estimate of the time as well as it being scrobbled correctly. Scrobble Droid, Google Music, Double Twist and the Built in Android/HTC players all seem to be OK for scrobbling track length.

If you fast forward through a track, or pause it, then there will be no speech at the end. Android does not scrobble this information.

Toasts always appear at the start of the track, regardless of 'speak at end' setting.


On some devices the speech volume can be quiet, especially when played through headphones or over bluetooth. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the device and Android OS. We can't fix these problems so please try the free version before buying the paid version.


For Tune Announcer to work, your music player MUST support SCROBBLING. Tune Announcer supports a variety of common scrobble formats and will work with most players that implement scrobbling. Some players require that you enable scrobbling in their settings. Furthermore, some players won't scrobble unless you install the LastFM scrobble client. Usually, it is enough just to install it, you don't always need to register with LastFM to scrobble.

Turn on Tune Announcer's debug mode and play music. If you don't get any 'toast' messages with debug scrobble information, then your music player is not scrobbling. Either change your music player's settings, or change your music player. Tune Announcer is NOT psychic, it requires the player to scrobble.

To speak, your device must have an Text-to-Speech service built in. All modern Android OS's will have this, though you may need to enable or download the speech libraries. Check your Android OS Settings under Language and Input.

As always, please email us with any issues so that we can fix them! Feature requests are always welcome.

What's New

+ Workaround defects in Rocket Player

+ Configure phrase exceptions to prevent toast or announcements
+ UI Improvements

+ Notification can be swiped away (will return eventually)
+ Bug fixes

+ Peek notifications use album colours

+ Fix language bug, thanks Martin

+ Portuguese translation by Marcio

+ Option to hide the notification

Further details on Google+ -> https://plus.google.com/113750147836457488590

Email: tune.announcer.pro@softwyer.com

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