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Tunnel Rush jetpack Racer 3D APK

Rush through the endless, curvy tunnel or dune with jetpack like a real racer!

Version1.05 (6)
UpdatedMay 10, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperHigh Top Rock Studio
CategoryGames, Simulation

In this game, you can rush through the tunnel for as long as you can – but you need to think quick and every other thing is futile!

There are many obstacles in the tunnel with different shapes ,such as sphere, cube, triangle, hexagon, bloxorz, ballz an so on.
The far you rush, the more obstacles will appear, there are even some dune in it.When you see dune, if you fail, do not feel rage, be upbeat, just try agian.
Dune is not that tough, just before it appear completely, trying your best to rush through it.

Sometimes a glitch may appear with your spaceship,at that time ,you need to pay more attention or concentrate on it ,just drive or twist the spaceship fast, because the glitch will lost in a very short time.

You have some special spaceships for you to drive ,even you can name them such as Amica, Hella, Tbh, Alto and so on.

Swipe left and right to drive and rotate the spaceship and rush through the tunnel with infinite distance, just like driving the kamikaze or glider.
You may feel you are getting into an especially tricky bit of tunnel, It is endless, no end, you don't need to reach some endpoint.
But you can beat highscore by trying your best, we believe you will have an addiction on it, just like riding a roller will be addicted to playing this game.

Sometimes you will meet the slope, sometimes you just rush through the straight line, you may feel trippy,but you have to concentrate on the game all the time.
During the game, you could no longer distinguish between illusion and reality.even something you see bams you.

when you beat high score ,do not feel any impressive hauteur, because it will be harder and harder, much more challenge as you go. Maybe you feel very tough, but in fact it is really challenge.
If you hit any obstacle, it’s game over. but you can revive by wating video or cost some golds.

How far can you get?

Tunnel Rush jetpack Racer 3D Features:

- Simple and satisfying gameplay!
- Different types of pipe!
- Beat your high score!
- Challenge your timing and concentration!
- No IAP – Tunnel Rush jetpack Racer 3D is a full game from the moment you download!

What's New

-fix bug


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