Turbo GPS 3 APK

Version1.151 (151)
UpdatedJul 26, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperMichael Chourdakis
CategoryApps, Tools

Welcome to Turbo GPS 3. This is a version newer, lighter and easier to work with, exploiting all the features of your GPS. Plus, it's compatible with Turbo GPS 2 waypoints/tracks/settings! New stuff: * Easier and more flexible waypoint and track manager: Allows mass editing, mass export/import from selection and better interface. * Track elevation chart. * Cleaner interface. * Superb google directions interface with lots of options. * Streetview with orientation support, for view, waypoint and track walking. * Improved auto-compass, takes from internal or GPS. * Easier and more flexible maps with directions * New calculator * 9 languages, russian added. * Some old stuff removed (see the help file for details). * Bluetooth support for external GPS And as usual... * Unlimited tracks,waypoints, compatible with Turbo GPS 2. * Flight mode with vertical speed * Google directions enhanced, along with Elevation, Geocoding and Directions requests. * Import from KML/LOC/XML/TXT/GPX * Export to KML/KMZ/LOC/XML/TXT/GPX * Augmented Reality * Pursuit and Tracking * Wanderer mode and calculator. * Sensor Explorer * GR87 EGSA ΕΓΣΑ87 Support Permissions: -------------------------- * Bluetooth access for external bluetooth devices. * Camera access for augmented reality. * Record audio to be able to record messages while capturing waypoints. * Check Phone State so PayPal donation and Registration can be checked. * Change Wifi State so it can save your wifi networks as waypoints. * Read/Write external storage so it can write information to your SD card. * Read/Write contacts, so it can associate GPS positions with your contacts * Access Internet/Wifi/Network state so things like OpenStreetMaps and GoogleMaps can work. * Access Fine/Coarse location, so it gets a fix :) * Access Mock location so it can access my Bluetooth GPS Provider or simulate tracks.

What's New

Significant interface changes.
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