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Tutor is an interactive vocabulary learning tool which generates dynamic learning material.

- Tutor uses individualised teaching methods. You can adjust the training in accordance with your topic preferences, learning pace and complexity.

- Tutor generates its own learning material based on world literature, considering the most common textbooks. This means, it turns any content into a learning material.

- Tutor turns into your teacher assistant to help you keep up with your offline lessons at school or training centre. It gives you feedback, reports on your progress and reminds you to finish the daily portion.

- Tutor makes the learning intelligent. Thanks to smart algorithms, it analyses the structure of learning material and creates exercises accordingly.

- Learning with Tutor is time-effective. It divides the training into 20-minute sessions. This is the most optimal time period to keep concentration alive.

- Tutor is interactive. It communicates with you and gives you the feeling of having a 24/7 alive teacher by your side.

- Tutor is funny. It entertains learners and enriches the training with funny jokes.

What's New

We've built a tablet version for the app.
Now vocabulary practice will be more comfortable.
In this version we've also improved our issue tracking system.
This means, we'll be able to quickly address all questions you encounter in training.

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Tutor 5.5.0-2423

Updated: 2019-10-30 (3 weeks ago)

5.2.4-2299 (3147865) 2019-09-23
4.2.6-1817 (1817) 2019-07-19
4.2.4-1781 (1781) 2019-06-09
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