Camp Pinewood is a conversational adventure application game for adults where you are at a summer camp and you will have to do everything you can to score



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Camp Pinewood GAME

Summer camp with hot situations

Once again, the Ren'Py game engine is used to independently develop a conversational adventure aimed at an adult audience. In this case, we are talking about Camp Pinewood (nothing to do with the camp in North Carolina, although it would be no surprise if its developers ended up having problems), where our protagonist will arrive to spend the summer.

Summer flirting camp

The theme is common for games of this type: the protagonist is surrounded by women he is going to try to flirt with. What changes is the context, since all the action takes place in a summer camp where monitors, companions, and in general, all the female characters are generously curved and wear provocative outfits so our protagonist is always horny.

You, as the user, will have to take the conversations to those areas where situations of high sexual tension arise and see if you can help the protagonist to score. This story is presented with graphics that look like a cartoon, with less realism than in other cases.

So, if you want to get an arm worthy of a weightlifter, you know what to do, download this game now.