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Carbide WatchMaker Watch Face [Gear S3/AW]


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版本1.3 (4)
類別應用程式, 生產應用

Carbide WatchMaker Watch Face [Gear S3/AW] 應用程式

Digital Watch Face for WatchMaker on Android Wear and Tizen

*****The Watchmaker Premium Watch Face App is required to use this watch face. You can download it here:
For Samsung Gear users you will also need the WatchMaker Companion App from the Galaxy Apps Store******

Designed to be informative and energy conservative the Carbide watch face makes it easy to quickly glance at information, launch watch apps, and trigger Tasker tasks.

The default face displays current-day weather information, a 5-day forecast, battery bars, and the next calendar event in addition to the date and time. You can change three zones to include extra weather information, another calendar event, step count, up to 2 time zones, watch app shortcuts, Tasker shortcuts, and battery percentages. uColor integration allows you to customize the color of the entire watch to fit your style.

App Shortcuts:
-Time Zones (Tizen Only)

*****For Tasker integration you will need to have tasks with names of "Task" and shortcut number (with capitalized "T"). Ex: T1 = Task1, T2 = Task2, .... T8 = Task8. There are eight Tasker shortcuts with the first three on the main face as well as the additional menu.*****