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CogniFit is an interactive mental game application that helps stimulate cognitive skills through personalized training. Compare your cognitive skills with the rest of the global population and activate your brain with brain challenges, memory games, puzzles, ingenious games, and much more!

CogniFit offers a scientific patented technology, and it is recognized as a global leader in the Cognitive Assessment & Training Market. CogniFit combines advanced algorithms with cutting-edge gaming technology to detect and help to improve cognitive function.

It includes:

- Personalized Brain Training programs designed to help exercise the brain. Mind challenges and exercises that will test your logic and genius
- Gamified digital cognitive systems that assess and help to improve 23 specific cognitive functions.
- An Individualized Training System™ (ITS) technology that automatically analyzes each user's cognitive health and adjusts every user's exercises to help improve their weakest skills
- Video Coaches guide you through your training and provide you with an interactive experience
- Brain games aimed at training memory
- Brain exercises focused on executive functions and reasoning
- Mental challenges for attention and concentration
- Mental agility games for coordination and planning
- Learning games and educational games for kids
- Specific exercises and brain games for kids and adults


To evaluate and train your brain functions it is important to choose applications with scientific activities such as those offered by CogniFit. This app is created by neuroscience experts. It evaluates and trains memory, attention, concentration, executive functions, reasoning, planning, mental agility, coordination, and many other essential cognitive abilities. This simple and user-friendly app is perfect for children age 7+, adults, and seniors of all ages.

Effective technology used by the scientific community, universities, hospitals, families, and medical centers around the world.