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Dracco 2020: New Survival Battle Shooting Game GAME

Prepare to battle in this fun and addictive top down shooter survival game.

Out of nowhere, comes these alien creatures causing havoc all over the place. Take on the role of titular character, “Dracco”. You will be playing as “Dracco”, a hardcore soldier, who was disappeared few months back. But now you must return to help the people, in order to get rid of these creatures and get the normalcy back.

Dracco is a top down action survival, dual stick shooter game with many unlockable weapons, easy to follow story line and an addictive game play.


You will be tasked with various missions, such as elimination of enemies from certain areas, rescuing survivors and help building defensive structures. But most importantly, you will get to shoot and kill those creatures. Remember, that is why you are here after all.


Unlock variety of weapons as you progress through the game to battle the monsters. From fully automatic guns to silent crossbow, lightening flamethrower and so many more weapons to comes. Afterall, weapons are one of the best friends of a warrior.


You will be deployed in various zones consisting of its own environment. Each new zone you unlock will provide a chance to shoot and kill new enemies, and also unlocks new weapons along with some surprises.

Key features -

Top down shooter.
Easy and responsive dual stick controls.
Beautifully rendered stylized 3d environment.
A range of weapons to choose from.
High-quality graphics.
30+ Epic missions game play such as elimination, rescue and defense setup.
Addictive game play.
Many different kind of environments to explore.
Awesome music and soundtrack.

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