fidata Music App是一個符合OpenHome / DLNA的控件應用程序。



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fidata Music App 應用程式

fidata Music App is a controll application conforming to OpenHome / DLNA that smartly operates fidata Network Audio Server HFAS1 on your Android devices.

You can browse music libraries in the server, save some playlists, and operate players (renderers).

You can customize the layout, color, display size of artwork, etc. about fidata Music App by the user's preference.
It provides comfortable operation feeling and can operate network audio comfortably.
If you use an Android tablet, it corresponds to landscape mode, and it can be operated with simultaneous display of server and player.

In combination with fidata Network Audio Server HFAS1, file operations of connected USB storage can also be performed, so even in environments without a PC, it is possible to organize and move/copy on your music libraries.

fidata Music App Supported devices:
・ fidata Network Audio Server - HFAS1 and HFAS1-X series
・ OpenHome compliant and DLNA compliant network audio player used in combination with HFAS1 or HFAS1-X (*).
* There is no guarantee about operation

For more detailed information, you can check it on the fidata website.