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版本1.8.0_0612A1 (80)
開發人員Bluefin International
類別應用程式, 健康塑身

FitIncluded Reflex 應用程式


Monitor all your daily activity with the Fit Included Reflex. Track your steps (walking or running), calculate calories burned, distance traveled, and your daily sleep patterns. The FitIncluded Reflex can also work as an alarm clock and even an inactivity reminder.

Start a fitness Plan and set daily goals. See daily, weekly, and monthly trends – compare and compete agains your co-workers, friends, and family.

Overview of features:
Activity Tracking – easy to use and understand graphics tell you:
Track Steps
Track Running
Track time spent walking and running
Estimate walking & running speeds in mph.
Estimate Distance Traveled in miles both walking and running.
Estimate Calories Burned
Track Sleep Patterns – Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Time you went to bed, time you woke up.
Take all information and view weekly and monthly trends
View historical data and monitor your progress.

Profile – Personalize your experiences based on YOU.
Individual Profile (create user name, email, password)
Take a profile picture within the app and crop it for the perfect selfie.
BMI Calculator (based on gender, height, weight, age)
Learn about your BMI from CDC.GOV
Suggested Walking Goals based on BMI
Set your own achievable daily step goals
Receive Alerts when goal is reached
Create personal profile message to share with others.

Alarms / Alerts - Let the band tell you something.
Set inactivity reminders – set the “waking hours” of the day and create alerts when you have been inactive too long. Band vibrates to alert you to move (minimum 60 steps per hour band vibrates 3 times)
Use Band as alarm – set up to 3 different alarms and set days alarms go off. Band vibrates 9 times when alarm goes off.
Goal Alert – Band vibrates 5 times when you have reached your daily step goal!
Battery Monitor – each time you sync your data see a graphic of your battery level.
Low Battery Warning – band vibrates one time intermittently alerting you to charge.
Buffer Warning – as data is collected over long periods of time the memory buffer can fill up. Two vibrations alert you to sync your data with your phone.

Social / Sharing - Motivate friends and family and receive encouragement through messaging and sharing of results.
Find Friends based on name, email, or location (nearest you)
Compete with Friends and compare your activity against them.
Send personal messages – encourage friends and family to keep on stepping!
Awards / Rankings – see where and how you are doing compared to your friends. (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
See who is following you.
See and share personal messages
Share your results / screen captures with Facebook and Twitter.
Synchronize and store data in the cloud so you can move app from one device to another.

Requires Bluetooth 4.0.