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Why ShoppingShare?

ShoppingShare - Grocery Shopping List quickly and easily creates multiple shopping lists, allowing you to be planned during your daily shopping and it saves your time & money.

- By creating shopping lists as you want, you can categorize your needs and manage them as you wish.
- You can share your shopping list with anyone you want.

- From the ShoppingShare application home screen, all details regarding the created shopping lists can be accessed instantly.

- You can plan your shopping according to urgency by giving priority to the items you add to the Shopping List.

-- With smart sorting, priority items are shown at the top of the grocery shopping list.

- Purchased items are taken from the row in which they are located and shown in the lower rows. In case of cancellation, the transaction can be reversed.

- The item you add is also automatically added to the item list, making it easier to access the item you want.

- You can determine the quantity and unit of the item you add. Moreover, the specified unit is saved and created automatically without needing to specify it again in your future purchases.

- You can add an infinite number of items.

ShoppingShare will get better. At this stage, we would be very happy if you can convey your suggestions, thoughts and criticisms about the application by contacting us at